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Looking at the number of books and videos available on potty training now, it would appear to be a difficult procedure; but when my three children were small it seemed a fast and simple process. Talking to my sister recently she had no difficulty with her 3 either. The following suggestions should help you navigate potty training easily too.

Begin your preliminary training early; probably around 8 months when your baby can sit comfortable on a small potty, for a minute or so, at your feet. Do this at all daytime feeds. No stress with high praise for any results and even sitting still. Baby will accept this procedure as normal and it will begin to form a habit. Make it a happy time, look at a picture book or build bricks. Let it just become an extension of feeding times when you are both enjoying each other's company.

When your baby is remaining dry for longer periods, maybe after a nap, it is time to start In earnest. Sit baby immediately and you will probably see results. The high praise will reinforce the habit. Never scold or become anxious.

Now the fun bit, take your little one to choose a plentiful supply of fun or pretty pants that they will want to keep dry. Talk about how grown up they are getting; grown up pants like mummy or daddy or siblings. Make being grown- up fun play with them whilst you are watching for signs of needing to pee or poo. Keep an eye on your child in the early days, watch for hiding in corners, a distant look etc. and remind as necessary. If you make it fun they will be happy to please you and keep their new pants dry. There will be a few mishaps so use pull-ups when out or sleeping. Remain calm and help your little one learn a new behavior.

Mine were dry in the daytime before 18 months, as seemed to be the norm then, but current research shows potty training is happening on average much later, some children are even attending school in nappies . Why this trend? Perhaps because more mothers are working and time is an issue. However research also shows delays in training can be the cause of bladder and bowel infections and it is recommended training should happen by the age of 2 years to prevent a health hazard.